Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

Taliban officials have announced that this year, they haven’t choose and name to their spring operation and the group will not launch any spring operations, but if they are attacked by the Afghan security forces, the fighters will respond. Meanwhile, sources in the Taliban’s Cultural Commission have said that this year the group has not selected any names for their military operations. Although it is still unclear why the group hasn’t begun the spring battle this year, some sources claim that the Taliban’s peace talks with US would be probably the main cause and the group have decided to do not launch spring operations.

The Taliban announced last year that they would launch Alkhandaq operations throughout Afghanistan, a deadly operation which caused mass casualties for the country’s military and civilians. Meanwhile, Afghan security forces announced the they have launched and spring operations under the name of Khalid that this year and they will try to eradicate the Taliban’s movements and act more aggressively.

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