Pasbanan- Kabul:

Taliban captured Khwaja Omari district of Ghazni after an offensive operation. According to reports, Talib fighter attacked the district headquarters and police headquarters building last night around 2 AM. No local official of Ghazni has stated on this issue until now, but some local sources have reported that during last night clashes Engineer Shams, district chief, security head, and several policemen were shot down by Talib fighters. Meanwhile, Aref Rahmani Member of Parliament from Ghazni has claimed that in this attack 14 people, including district chief and security head of Khwaja Omari has lost their lives.

At the same time, Mohammad Zaman Mamozai, police commander of Ghazni told media: Taliban attacked Khwaja Omari district. They launched an offensive attack on district and police headquarters. During clashes, district head including 9 others was killed. Mr. Mamozai added: after this attack, Ghazni police sent additional troops to the area, during clashes and air strikes of Afghan forces at least 27 Talib fighters were killed and their dead bodies are still in the ground. Ghazni police commander emphasized that during these clashes most of Taliban equipment’s were destroyed. It is worth to say that in this operation of Taliban district building of Khwaja Omari is destroyed.

Meanwhile, Taliban has published a newsletter and claimed that during this attack 20 Afghan policemen were killed and they have lost3 Talib fighters. Security sources in Ghazni have told media that for neutralizing this attack they have already launched a defensive operation.

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