Reporter: M. Yassin Saadat

The Taliban have broadcast a newsletter claiming that the militants of the group captured the famous district of Kandahar with all its facilities. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid says the Taliban have been able to seize the famous district of Kandahar with its police structures. In the course of the conflict, a heavy casualty has been inflicted on the enemy to capture the district and all the state-owned equipment and equipment has been taken by the Taliban. ”

But (Rahmatullah Atraaf), the head of the security office in Kandahar, said the Taliban’s claim was unfounded and emphasized: “We have transferred this district to about 8 kilometers due to lack of population and geographic strategic location outside of the current situation in the famous district.” According to I have transferred the surrounding area of this district to the joint decision of the Military Council of Kandahar and to the Ministry of the Interior in the wider area.

“In order to transfer the district to the 15-hectare, the operation was initiated by the border police, the Afghan National Army and the ANP, in which all the joint security forces were fully operational for this operation, and we were able to do so after a lot of efforts,” he said. We will hand over four districts to this district. ”

Kandahar security officials continue to claim that the transfer of a building to a newly-renowned district requires a major repair that needs to be built.

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