Pasbanan- Kabul:

According to a newsletter released by Taliban, they have claimed that Ghulam Nabi Shoja a Local police commander in Gorziwan district of Faryab has joined them with 100 fighters. The newsletter also adds: this commander has surrendered himself with 100 guns. But government is refusing this issue and called it a propaganda. Abdul Karim Yourish spokesman of Faryab police told Pasbanan in a Phone call: “Ghulam Nabi Shoja was a local police commander that 1- to 15 fighters were obeying him, he joined Taliban 2 days ago and he has given all his equipment’s to Taliban. This was a propaganda for the enemy and he was useless for us.”

There are also some thoughts that this commander was an ex-commander of Jamyat party and he has joined Taliban because of local conflicts between tribes in Faryab. Meanwhile Faryab Police Spokesman claims that his joining to Taliban will not effect on Afghan forces moral in Faryab.


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