Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehdi Naibi

According to 209 Shahin Corps, at least 26 Taliban militants have been involved in the operation of the Special Forces of the Army in Ghormach district, killing 16 key commanders. Mohammad Hanif Rezai, a spokesman for the Shahin Corps, told the constabulary, “The operation of the Afghan National Army (ANA) with the air strikes provides for decisive support to the enemy’s base and locations in the Qalawala area of Ghormach district of Badghis province. Sixteen terrorists have been targeted by 16 commanders They include Haji Mullah, the commander of the Taliban Military Commission for Ghormach, Commander Mullah Trajan, Commander Qari Sourgall, Commander Qari Umm al-Din, Commander Qari Habiballah, Ghulam Mohammad, Gul Mohammad Commander, Noor Mohammad, saida gul, Commander Abdul Khalid, Commander-in-Chief of the Group 30, Master Commander, Mullah Abdul Rahim F There Taliban in Badghis, Mullah Abdul Rauf, a local commander, Mullah Yar Mohammad and instead the group were killed. Mr. Reza’i also wrote that the bodies of the aforementioned persons and their subjects were provided to the National Army and transferred to the market of Ghormach district.

Meanwhile, the 209 Shaheen Army Corps Newsletter commenced operations since the start of the attack last night, with nine strikes being carried out by strong supporters on the headquarters of Haji Abdul Rahim, the district governor and the Taliban Red Cross commander in Ghormach district. Reports suggest that the air strikes Haji Abdul Rahim, a Taliban district chief, were seriously injured in Ghormach district and a large number of his people were killed. Meanwhile, a preliminary report of the incident reveals the death of 70 other Taliban terrorists in the province.

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