Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mahdi Nayibi

The spokesman for 209 Shahin Corps has stated that during an air strike in Khawaja Sabz Push district of Faryab, Mullah Amin, the Taliban district governor, was killed with his 10 fighters and at least three Taliban militants were wounded.

Hanif Rezayee, a spokesman for 209 Shahin Corps, has also said: “The operation was launched by drones of Resolute Support Mission forces in the village of Tapa-e-Qishlaq, in Khawaja Sabz-Posh district, in addition to the Taliban’s casualties, a mine- making factory o the group has also been destroyed.” He has also said that the fighters were trying to target the military bases in the village, but they were eliminated before they run their operations on that checkpoints. Mr. Rezayee has also highlighted that during the operation, the amount of ammunition and weapons of the Taliban were also destroyed.

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