After announcements of US state department, urging Taliban to set in negotiation table with NUG and later one requests of Afghanistan National Security Advisor for closing Taliban political office in Qatar, now Taliban has published a newsletter. According to this newsletter the group proposed US to set with them on negotiation table and end current crisis. Taliban newsletter adds: “for ending the case and accept recommendations of Afghan citizens, United States must start negotiation and they should provide us their concept of peaceful ending of current violence.”

According to newsletter: “it must be clear to US and it’s allies that there is no military solution to Afghanistan crisis, they must work for ending this war with a political solution. We want an end to current violence, Washington must understand that there is no gap for war, instead they must focus a peaceful strategy.” Taliban are publishing this newsletter in a time, that earlier they send a letter to US congress and urged them to start face to face talks with the group.


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