Pasbanan- Kabul:

According to reports, Talib insurgents held a field court on 5 men and 1 woman in Bagh e Zaghan area of Qarabagh for moral corruption. According to the video released by Taliban, all suspects have accepted their crime and they had shown regret. This incident was in place on 15th of Ramadan and the suspects say: they brought this woman from Bagh e marshal of Kabul city to Qarabagh district.

After the dismissal of Taliban since 2001, it is the first time that they are holding their field court freely in Qarabagh district. Before this incident, Taliban fighters also held a few field courts in several provinces of Afghanistan. According to influentials of Qarabagh, holding such courts in Kabul districts means that government is so weak and they are unable to prevent Taliban movement. With all these issues, Kabul police have claimed that they have started their investigations on this regard.


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