Pasbanan- Kabul:

Taliban insurgents Attack on Yebab village of Jurm district and they were defeated by Afghan forces. According to reports, this group faced heavy casualties during these clashes. reports say last night Taliban fighters decided to target some security check posts in Jurm district of Badakhshan and they were able to seize some of these check posts for a short time, while in reaction they faced a heavy resistance of Afghan security forces and the set back their attack.

Security sources say: first Taliban insurgents were able to capture some check posts of Yebab village in Jurm district, but after security forces respond to their attacks they were able to seize once again the village and Taliban set back their outbreak. It is worth to say that during this clashes 3 foreign fighters who were cooperating with Taliban got killed and also security forces were able to take 2 Humvee armor vehicles of Taliban.

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