Pasbanan- Kabul:

While Taliban have increase their terror attacks on different parts of the country especially capital, now Taliban judge has wrote in a letter to Mullah Hibatullah, Leader of Taliban in Quetta Shora, to respond for peace deal of Afghan government. Mawlawi Abdul hakim has also wrote in his letter that PMG has founded it: “Most of the citizens which are living in Afghan government treaty or Islamic Emirates geography, are mostly tired of war and they want a peaceful live. They want from us to end war, I urge you that besides proceeding Al-Khandaq war we must respond for people’s voices. On this base I want you to respond for peace proposal after considering on it very well.”

This Taliban judge has also wrote in his letter: “Mujahedin must understand and proceed Sharia during their operations, they must act against all people who are involve in war smoothly, and equally. No one has the right that without court orders kill any one. Or give his killing fatwa, we need for such cases, permission of Ulama council and fatwa because it is the high ranking council. So we must concentrate that people’s rights should be provided by as and also our activates should be designed according to Islamic sharia.”

PMG found this letter in a time, that yesterday the group released a newsletter and urged afghan security forces to leave Army ranks, otherwise they will be killed or hurt by Taliban fighters in different parts of the country.

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