Last night, several attackers entered ferdawsi Park in PD 9 of Kabul and started firing on the visitors. Latter on Hashmantullah Stanekzay Spokesman of Kabul police announced: in this incident 2 people including Azizullah Karvan commander of 01 Paktika company were killed and three others including one women got injured in the incident scene.

Azizullah Karvan was one of Afghanistan security forces top commanders in Paktika, south eastern Afghanistan. According to unconfirmed reports he was able to kill at least 200 Talib fighters during face to face fight and operations. It is also said that Mr. Karvan was assassinated last night in Ferdawsi park of 3rd Macroryan by Taliban fighters after 38 attempts. Meanwhile, Zabiullah Mujahid spokesperson of Taliban has claimed responsibility for this incident.

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