Pasbanan- Kabul:

By releasing a letter Taliban has claimed that in past few weeks they are powerful than before and during their fight against Afghan forces casualties of ANDSF has been increased and the reason is that they are defending the interest of foreign forces in the country. According to the letter Afghan forces are their brothers but, as they defend the US and also NATO forces so they will be targeted by Taliban and suddenly in this fight, Afghan forces have been deceived so if they did not abandon front lines they will be killed.

In this letter, they have urged that Afghan forces will be forgiven by them if they agree and follow these steps. First, they must abandon US forces ranks, they must be feeling guilty for their past and they should not take part in the fight against Taliban, they must leave the system and will never join security forces in future, they will never support this corrupted system on that case Taliban will never target Afghan forces.

Until now there was no reaction from security institutions of Afghanistan on publishing this newsletter by Taliban.

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