Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

According to reports, several mortars and missiles hit the bazaar of Khawaja Sabz Posh of Faryab district this morning, which resulted in killing and wounding of at least 40 civilians. Local officials in Faryab have confirmed with the attack and have stated that “several Mortars and missiles were fired on Khawaja Sabz posh district of Faryab province this morning by armed opposition members, which resulted in dozens of civilians killed and injured. Meanwhile, Faryab Provincial Hospital officials say four civilians have died during this incident and 36 others were wounded. It is said that among the wounded of this attack several children also have been seen.

However, in a newsletter of Shaheen Corps, it said that these Mortar and missile attack were launched by the government’s armed opposition on the Khawaja Sabz posh of Faryab district market and that all injured people had been transferred to the Maimana local Hospital of Faryab Province. The hospital officials have also said that the health condition of several of the wounded is a grave event and there is a possibility of a change in the number of casualties. Meanwhile, Faryab local officials have said that among the wounded, of the event children and adults are also seen.

Faryab Province is one of the insecure provinces in the north of the country, and operations are now underway in insecure areas of the province to address the Taliban’s threats. The Shah’s Army’s promise claimed that during the last few weeks heavy casualties have been inflicted on the armed opposition, something the Taliban have not said so far.

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