Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Shershah Nawabi

Kabul-Ace governor’s office has released officially a newsletter that the Taliban targeted the 215th Maywand Army Corps and the war has ended after nearly 18 hours of conflict. According to the newsletter, at least 20 attackers and suicide bombers of Taliban insurgents have been killed in the incident. Helmand’s media office has reported that at least five military service member has been killed in the clash and 12 others have been wounded. It is also said that the search operations are being continued in the area, but the battle with the Taliban invaders has been over.

Meanwhile, a security source in the 215th Maywand Army Corps has estimated the death toll to be more than 40 and emphasizes that most victims are civilians and contractors of the army corps. The Ministry of Defense has not yet provided detailed statistics on casualties and victims of the incident. The attack is carried out at the heart of the 215 Maywand Corps, where the Taliban claims that more than 20 attackers were involved in this operation by publishing a video. The terrorists are said to have been dressed in the uniforms of the border police, but during the attack, the invaders had US troop’s uniforms.

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