Ghazni – Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Mohammad Ata Rezayee

The Taliban launched a massive assault on the city of Ghazni once again as their part of offensive operations this year. According to reports group’s militants were able to attack the third district of Ghazni, during this operation Mujib Mahmodi the head of the third district police department of Ghazni City, with more than eight other police soldiers, were killed during this attack which begins last night. The reports also indicate that the attack on security posts in the third district of Ghazni police has left heavy casualties to the security forces.

Ghazni Provincial Council officials also confirm that during this attack, the police chief and five police forces have been killed in the attack. But the Ghazni police command released a news release saying nine policemen were killed and six others wounded. Taliban have not yet stated their views on this incident.

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