Pasbanan- Kabul:

While Daish fighters are completely eliminated from Iraq and Syria, now there are some taught that ISIS fighters are trying to achieve hideouts and bases in Afghanistan. An Afghan official who was speaking in condition of anonymity told Pasbanan News website: “Talib fighters have arrested a top commander of ISIS called Dam Mullah Nadir, he is from Uzbek ethnicity, and he was one of ISIS key commanders in the north of the country.”

The source says there are widespread disputes between ISIL fighters and the Taliban in the north, he highlighted: “there are some speculations that for fighting ISIS, Iran is willing to send Fatimyon fighters to Afghanistan, the goal is to defeat ISIS by these fighters. Since that Mullah Shreen member of Quetta council went to Iran and meet with revolutionary guard’s officials. He made few trips to Iran, they are making efforts to give Fatimyon fighters Taliban cover, and free their self from all claims.”

This senior government official also gives information about the new strategy of Taliban and Iran. He adds: “after arresting this ISIS commander, Iran has provided new weaponry to Taliban in Farah. At the same time now a day’s tensions between ISIS and Taliban fighters has increased.”

We were unable to have Taliban opinion also, but national security advisor has told that most of the regional fighters are supported by regional countries and foreign fighters in Afghanistan with their families. At the same time, military analysts believe: “by arresting this ISIS commander Taliban has shown their commitment to Russia and Iran. So there are thought’s that they will get more facilities from these two countries to fight ISIS in Afghanistan.”



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