Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Shershah Nawabi

A day before United States central command official, Joseph Votel said that ISIS in Afghanistan is a Major threat to US National Security, and the group has acquired the capability of directly attacking American cities from Afghanistan. An issue that has a sharp reaction of Taliban, Zabiullah Mujahid, the Taliban spokesman said in a newsletter: “Exaggerating threat of ISIS miscreants and utilizing it for media propaganda in order to prolong the invasion of Afghanistan is the duty of many American generals. Instead of assessing the real nature of dispute of Afghanistan, they continue to repeat their previous mistakes of classifying Afghanistan as a major threat to America.”

Taliban has also stated in the newsletter: “American generals, despite their failure in numerous war tactics during past eighteen years and bringing international and historical shame upon America, still emphasizes on the extension of war through the use of such rumors to protect the interests of their war mafias and to continue selling weapons.”

Zabiullah Mujahid has also added: “The Islamic Emirate categorically rejects claims of the American general. Afghanistan neither poses threat to anyone nor will the Afghan nation allow such doings. Daesh militant group is restricted to a small area of Afghanistan in spite of full support of American air force, is under the siege and attacks of Mujahedeen and will soon be eradicated.”

According to reports currently, ISIS-K fighters are based in Nangarhar and Kunar provinces. And in recent operations of Afghan forces and US coalition Air support, the group is getting day by day. A US intelligence official has also said earlier that ISIS is trying to recruits some American citizens as their Loyalists to target the US directly.

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