Recently, Mohammad Ismail Khan, a former jihadist leader commemorate the martyr’s day in Herat, called on the Taliban If this group does not enter into dialogue with the government, They have to deal with jihadi leaders and put their views on the table, The Taliban have now responded positively to Mohammad Ismail Khan’s request by publishing a newsletter The newsletter quoted Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid as saying: “Now that Mr. Ismail Khan has called for the reaction of the Islamic Emirate as a representative of the former jihadies Islamic Emirate also appreciate those people’s efforts who are willing to end the occupation of foreigners. From any group who want peace must refer to our Political office and share their thoughts for ending war and violence in the country.”

It seems that the Taliban are tired of the battle over the past and are now seeking a solution from the end of the longest battle of the country. In the latest issue of the Afghan High Peace Council, it has been hoped that a positive response from the Taliban will soon be received in response to the call for peace by the government.

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