Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

More than 50 Taliban militants have been killed in face-to-face confrontations with Afghanistan’s security and defense forces in the northeastern province of Afghanistan, following a backdrop of a Taliban group strike in the Baghlan district of Borka. Security sources in Baghlan continue to emphasize that Taliban militants stormed the district, but faced with the resistance of the country’s security and defense forces, during this operation at least 30 Taliban militants were killed and 21 others got wounded while their attack was pushed back by Afghan security forces.

Reports from Baghlan indicate that number of ammunition and weapons were been seized from the Taliban and these equipment has been at the disposal of the country’s security and defense forces. Moreover, security officials did not share details with the media in connection with the number of casualties of Afghan forces during the conflict. The Taliban have not yet stated anything on the occasion of the mass defeat of the group in Borka district of Baghlan province.

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