Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

Local officials in Baghlan say a Taliban group of eight has been abandoned today by handing over their weapons to the country’s military. Security forces in Baghlan said Baghlan said: “The eight Taliban group, headed by one of their most important commander in Baghlan central district, has surrendered to the government and have withdrawn from the war against the government forces,” Baghlan security officials said.

Meanwhile, Baghlan Police Chief has told media that this insurgent who ended the battle with the security forces and with the surrender of these people in several villages in central Baghlan and ending resistance to the government forces. “These people were led the key commander of Taliban in central Baghlan, these insurgents were active in Shaikh Jalal and Jarekhosk villages in the central Baghlan and today they handed over their equipment’s to the government through the interrogation of police intelligence and tribal elders,” said Neyaz Mohammad Neyaamand, Baghlan Police Chief.

Meanwhile, surrenders in talks to reporters say their actions against the government are wrong, and if the country’s security forces want them to cooperate in securing the areas of dignity.

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