Pasbanan- Kabul:

March 26th Tashkent host a conference of Afghanistan with a presence of foreign ministers of regional countries, European Union, and central Asian representatives. The peace process, security cooperation, and regional collaboration were the main topics of this conference.

The central Asian foreign ministers and Federica Mogherini of EU discussed current issues of interregional interaction. The participants of this conference said that peaceful Afghanistan opens a possibility of shortest access to ports of the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf, for central Asian countries. Therefore stability and sustainable development not only in Central Asia, but also around it are closely interrelated with the establishment of Pace and tranquility in Afghanistan.

Special attention was paid to issues of stabilization of the situation in Afghanistan and its socio-economic development. In particular, views were exchanged on the European Union’s support for the efforts of the Central Asian countries on ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan, its involvement in regional economic and infrastructural ties.




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