Ghazni-Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Mohamed Ata Rezayee

Local authorities in Ghazni have announced that in the near future, they will distribute residential lands to school teachers.

Wahidullah Kalimzai, governor of Ghazni, promised at the beginning of the New Year to Ghazni teachers that they will begin the process of residential land distribution specifically for the teachers in the near future. “The deprivation of a number of girls in areas which are located in unsafe districts of Ghazni due to a mischievous tradition, the lack of female teachers, insecurity is a matter of serious concern, but we are committed to all teachers that this year we will begin the distribution of residential lands to all teachers.” Said Mr. Kalimzai Ghazni governor during a new educational year ceremony.

Ghazni provincial council chairman Nassir Ahmad Faqiri said: “The achievements of Ghazni educational institutions in the past 18 years have been unprecedented, and this year, with the launch of the recruitment process, we are working hard to recruit more teachers in Ghazni schools.”

Meanwhile, Shafiqa Hosseini, one of the Ghazni teachers, claims that the promise of these officials are mostly for their popularity and accuse all Ghazni officials that they are connected with the mafia. Ms. Hosseini in an interview with the Prambanan adds: “For more than ten years, officials in Ghazni have promised to distribute residential lands for teachers, but they will be silenced after a while. The president’s visit to Ghazni also this issue was raised and the president himself promise that soon the government will provide teachers a township, but there is no news about the distribution of these residential lands. ”

While Ghazni province is among the most insecure Afghanistan provinces, the Taliban rule in most parts of the distant districts of Ghazni and they have banned girls to go to schools.

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