Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

Local sources have said that in the most recent case, the Taliban have been severely disputed in Ghazni, which has had a serious impact on the security of the province. “The Taliban’s inter-party disputes have led to inter-group conflicts and the disarmament of a large number of fighters in the group,” the source said.

Meanwhile, local authorities in Ghazni speak of documents that have been the root cause of Taliban disagreements. Local officials in Ghazni say that there are now many differences between Taliban commanders and militants. Meanwhile, Ghazni governor spokesman Arif Noori has said: “Many Afghan Taliban militants have abandoned the battle and some have been disarmed by the group’s commanders.”

The Taliban have already announced al-Fath operations, according to the Taliban newsletter, the group is expected to expel a large number of areas from government rule.

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