Pasbanan- Kabul:

During a terror attack on ID card distributing center in PD 6 of Kabul, 160 people were killed and injured. According to reports of Pasbanan correspondent from the area, women and children were most of the victims of this incident.  Meanwhile, the public health ministry has claimed that this incident occurred at 10:30 am and during this attack at least 48 people were killed and 112 others got injured. Abdul Wahid Majroh, spokesmen for the ministry has said: in this bloody attack 22 men, 21 women and 5 kids were killed and 49 men, 47 women, and 16 kids were injured.

At the same time, presidential palace and National Security Council of the country has condemned this terrorist act. They

have emphasized that none of these acts can’t prevent Afghan citizens from participating in the democratic process in the country. ISK has claimed responsibility for this attack, at the same time during the explosion of IED in Baghlan 3 persons were killed and 6 others got injured.


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