Pasbanan- Kabul:

Around 12 pm 5 insurgents targetted a civilians building in PD 10. This attack was ended around 7 pm. a security source who was speaking on condition of anonymity told pasbanan: in this incident, 3 policemen were killed when the attack happened. Taliban has claimed responsibility for this incident.

At the same time, in an attack on PD 13 of police 2 attackers were killed and 3 policemen lost their lives. Police says: in this incident, no civilians got injured. Meanwhile, reports say that ISK has claimed responsibility for this attack on PD 13.

But national directorate of security has claimed that this incident was designed by Haqqani Network and support of Laskar-e-Taiba. The newsletter says: NDS is trying to capture supporters of terrorists who launched this attack in Kabul. At the same time Interior minister has claimed that at least 3 other terrorists are in Kabul city, and until now the treats are not solved. Wais Ahmad Barmak claims that the terrorists are entering by black glasses vehicles and after that, they launch their attacks.


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