Kabul-Afghanistan (GSP):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

According to women affairs, officials of Baghlan a 50 years old man was arrested in the province who was willing to marry a 10-year-old child. In an interview with Pasbanan reporter in the north of the country. “The father of this 10-year-old girl wanted to marry his daughter to a 50-year-old man because of the fact that the father of the child was borrowed from a 50-year-old man,”

Khadija Yaqin, head of women’s affairs in Baghlan said. “After the father of this girl was unable to pay back the amount of money he borrowed this 50-year-old man load, the man proposed the father of the girl to marry her 10-year-old girl.” According to Ms. Yaqin, “This man is a resident of Freng district of northwestern Baghlan province, and police have been able to arrest him. Now the case has been handed over to the judicial authorities in Baghlan to be prosecuted.”

Khadija Yaqin also added that in 2018 Baghlan police have been able to prevent several forced marriage cases in Faring district of Baghlan. Meanwhile, reports show that at least three people including fathers of this 10 years old girl was arrested by police in accordance with the case.

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