Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasooli

Nangarhar Provincial Council members claim that Nangarhar Governor is trying to transfer ISIL as a project to Sherzad and Khogiani districts which are relatively safe districts in this eastern province. Ahmad Ali Hazrat, chairman of the Nangarhar Provincial Council, said in a conversation with media that Nangarhar province Governor wants to transfer ISIL fighters into these two regions. “ISIL is a project of the central government and Nangarhar province governor seeks to implement this project in Nangarhar, so insecurity has increased in Nangarhar,” he added. Nangarhar Provincial Council head also added: “Therefore, the governor believes that insecurity in Nangarhar is a plan of Mafia groups, but as he is implementing them in securing project of Sherzad and Khogyani district so is not convinced by the fact that the ISIS groups and Taliban are the main reason of the worst security situation in the province. »

But the spokesman for Nangarhar’s governor said these statements are unfounded and baseless, and insists that such statements and hardships would ruin the opportunity of the province. Ataullah Khogyani says: “The provincial authorities never want to west the time of Nangarhar reconstruction and development programs implementation in dialogue with the Provincial Council of this Provinces without being informed. And as the provincial council members Instead, I have to say that the provincial government played a fundamental role in disarming ISIL and Taliban, and through all the efforts and incorporation of Afghan security forces they were able to eliminate these groups. »

Prior to this, Nangarhar Governor has accused some members of the Nangarhar Provincial Council that have been charged with corruption, the governor has also stated that Ahmed Ali, Provincial council chairman and Ajmal Omar the chief and member of Nangarhar Provincial Council, are engaged in smuggling and also in insecurity of Nangarhar province. But members of the Nangarhar Provincial Council have been blamed the government for insecurity in the province, and they have stated that the central and local government are incapable of securing the province.

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