Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

In the semi-finals of the Afghan Cricket Premier League (Gulbahar), two teams from Kabul and Balkh competed in an interesting match with their opponents and featured an exciting game. In the first match of the Semi-Final tournament, Balkh team hosted Nangarhar. In the 20 Overs and with loss of 5 players, Nangarhar team chased 235 runs, but the Nangarhar team did not succeed in defeating the target, and in the 13th Over they lost all its players.

But in the other match, Kabul team was ahead of the Paktika team last night, Kabul team targeting the Paktika team with a loss of 9 wickets, 191 runs in the 20 overs. But Paktika team with a bad chance at 14 over lost all its players by getting 102 runs, so the Paktia team was eliminated from the final round of the tournament. With the results of this round of the Afghanistan Premier League Cricket League, the two teams of Balkh and Kabul were able to reach the final round of the games and to display an interesting game tonight at 8:00 pm Afghanistan time.



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