Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

After the conflict in Balkh, one day ago, the heads of Defense Ministry and Interior Affairs went to the province. Security officials at the meeting with Atta Mohammad Noor tried to mitigate these tensions, which resulted in positive outcomes. Now the reports from this meeting express the Secret words of Atta Mohammad Noor to those who seek to establish a gap between the people and the security forces. Mr. Atta, who was speaking with security officials, emphasized: “I know that security agencies are now in the hands of two talented young people who are well aware of the social fabric and political decency. The best young people in Afghanistan, especially the northern youth, fight and harbor the security forces against terrorists. Among these, we can point to Massoud Andrabi who well educated and talented manager and always we will never hesitate to support these people who have the ability and courage.”

Mr. Noor warned people to set off between the security forces and the people. “We have a common cause and a common ground, use of the opportunists and the speculators, those who are grabbing the idea of breaking up us, the people should be assured that they will not break apart our differences, and this together we continue the struggle and continue along that path. Our meetings have come to an end, and the benevolent people of Balkh must be assured that peace will return to Balkh. ”

The Jamyat Islami Party chief executive emphasizes the end of the tensions, which reports suggest that he will soon come to Kabul to make a decision about the situation in Balkh and make new decisions.

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