Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Zahra Sahel

For the first time, the Afghan film directorate has owned a women head in the history of Afghanistan, Sahra Karimi is the first Afghan woman to be appointed as head of this institution by passing Free Competition exam. Nader Naderi, head of the Independent Administrative Reform Commission of the country, posted this news by the following remarks on his Twitter page: “Afghan Film is the oldest state-owned filmmaking company in Afghanistan, the first women president of this instruction has been appointed through free competition through administrative reform testing. Which was provided by my colleagues, and she was selected transparently. “Sahra Karimi”, a well-known Afghan filmmaker, is set to take responsibility for the agency next week. ”

Sahra Karimi has a Ph.D. degree in filmmaking. She has completed her elementary education in Iran and her university education up to level of Ph.D. in Slovakia, and Ms. Karimi has also played several central roles in Iranian films, and so far her three films have been titled ” Women behind the Driving Seat”,” Nasheh Diaries of the Daily Migrant Girl “and” In Search of Fantasy “have won international awards.

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