Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

The biometric process of Ministry of Education staffers, with the presence of the Minister of Education, Mirwais Balkhi, the head of the Administrative Reform Commission, Nader Naderi and a number of senior ministry officials, began Tuesday (7th Hut).

“The Ministry of Education considers the biometrics system vital and important, and the Ministry of Construction and Human Resources Management of this ministry is very important,” said the country’s Minister of Education Mirowis Balkhi, who biometrics in this process. Thankfully, you are, today, an example of an additional commitment to the education provided to the people of Afghanistan. ”

Mr Balkhi added that the Ministry of Education, with 200 and 64 thousand employees, is the largest civil servant in Afghanistan, and it is important that all employees of this important national institution be biometric.

Masoud Kofi, director of civil service, Ministry of Education, also says: “The biometric system is planned by the Afghan experts themselves and does not require any money to be paid to someone or a foreign company to bring about changes.

He stressed that it is necessary to record the necessary information of all government employees in the biometric system to prevent fraud and counterfeiting in the offices.

One of the privileges of this system is to prevent fraud and forgery, as well as pay salaries based on the data in which it is inserted.

Meanwhile, with the start of this large project, the Ministry of Education will be biometric for all civil service agencies in Afghanistan.

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