Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mortaza Haidari

The Taliban have announced the inauguration of a new operation under the name of al-Fatah throughout the country starting today, Friday, 12.04.2019 According to the group’s newsletter, the key objectives of the operation are to extract geography from the government and took the control of major cities and districts, in addition to this, it is said that the Taliban will try to increase the number of military personnel currently operating in the ranks of security and defense forces, and prevent them from taking part in military operations.

The operation begins at the moment when the government has announced the inauguration of Operation Khalid, which will act aggressively against the Taliban this year. Some Taliban affiliated figures also attribute this operation to the battle of al-Fath during the Prophet Mohammad era (peace be upon him), that after Hodaibeia peace deal conquered Mecca.

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