Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Najibullah Arman

As usual, with sleepy eyes, I got to university early in the morning. When I arrived, the professor entered the classroom. He, who is a kind and hard worker, always tries to save his scientific resources with us in every possible way: “I wish you had a projector in your classroom, so you could learn practical lessons than theory.” Speaking of the professor continued … that in this moment one of our faculty administrators entered the classroom, softly he said: “Dear students, you have to pay your monthly fees today otherwise you will be fined 50 Afghanis per day in case you do not pay the fee, His speeches were completed, a number of my classmates raised their fingers and pointed to some of the University’s problems and short comes, and they emphasized their needs.” University officials said,” What do you need for the moment?” “Both my classmates said that currently the need a projector!

The administrator stood next to the professor and looked at him than he said: “Go to the armored classroom,” which I lost as I was in the classroom, when I heard the name of the armor, I was surprised to say that the universities in the country, now have found “armored” classes. Well, the conversation ended, and we all went to the so-called armored class. I was the last one to emerge from the classroom, and the fast that took all my energy, slowly and slowly I went into an armored classroom, but until I reached the class doors were closed on me. I, as far as possible, worked out and took my strength and finally I was able to open the armored classroom with the so-called armored gate with so many difficulties. When I went to the class my class fellows were laughing on me and saying that if you can’t open the gate as if you were fasting, what do you do at university go to your home. However, as I sat in the chair and looked at my four-sided the walls were armored, it was covered with heavy iron in the walls of its vulnerable parts and was “armored” by the authorities as a security measures.

As we were missing the projector’s blessings for a while, with the eagerness of the whole we were listening to the words of the professor and the professor continued to provide his lectures to us. Within a few minutes, a terrible sound was heard; fears and suspicions shocked all of us and we were excited, and then the students said that possibly this would be a suicide or explosive attack. I was afraid of all my being on the one hand, and on the other hand, I was happy that our place was safe and maybe there was no harm to us, and a thousand conversations swirled my mind, the sound fell into the classroom And the professor continued his lesson, and finally the lesson ended that day, when we came out of the classroom, we were feeling the fresh air. We breathed the air, one of our associates, when we heard a scary sound, pulled himself out of the classroom. He was the one who was accompanying me all the day before my house. As soon as we saw him out of the classroom, he came to us with a smile and said: “he said buddies did you no what was the voice that you heard in classroom? We said no!” With his hand, he pointed out to the neighboring house of the university which was located with the university wall and said: “Uncle Mokhtar, who had a stomach disease, wanted to prepare food for him in the morning of Ramadan, since the boiler had been smoke in the air.”

One said, “Probably disobeying Ramadan had cause him a shame!” Another said, “It’s fine that his boiler has exploded!” We all laughed together and wished for each other success, than we left our friends and our friend thanked God for the unfortunate event did not happened that day. Here it should be noted that the main point of this story is as same as the, the coins two faces. One is that we blamed the suicide bomber in the morning and the blood and violence that even shook the universities of the country as well, a place that I believe could change the country’s future, using the ideas of the new generation, for Start a new season; so we are going to take advantage of the opportunities. Projection and the green and quiet space make it a great excuse for the lessons of our day to be the earliest opportunity to serve our people and society.

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