Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

Commander Fawad Andarabi, commander of security forces at Salma Dam, who had been sent to Dawlatyar District of Ghour according to orders of 207 Zafar Corps in-Charges, lost his life after he was cleared Dawlatyar district of Ghour from Taliban presence but in last minutes of this operations he was killed by a Taliban fighter in face to face fight and then his body was carried to Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan of Kabul. According to the reports Afghan NSA also joined the ceremony of respecting to his dead body and ordered to bury him in a special ceremony in his home town after his body was transferred to Kabul city.

Today, according to reports, the national army officer body was sent to his hometown, and he was buried in a crowd of his supporters. Commander Fawad Andarabi family now calls on the government and the national defense ministry to review as soon as possible the commander’s death and share the results with his family. According to reports, some of the commander Fouad Andarabi subordinators has claimed that he has been killed in an orderly manner after he was able to clean the district from Taliban presence and he died while he was trying to rescue live of his man on the ground.

Fawad Andarabi was one of Afghan National Army elite commanders who was defending his motherland from more than 8 years until now and has just been married at least three months ago, but two days ago he was killed in Dawlatyar District of Ghour, while he was busy with a cleaning operation against Taliban insurgents.

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