Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Report and Image: Morteza Haidari

In the first Semifinal game of the Afghan Football Premier League tonight, Shaheen Asmaye played against De Maiwand Atalan, the game was followed by a special ceremony, and all the players and spectators prayed to the spirit of General Abdul Raziq, former commander of the Kandahar police chief, and eventually after a moment of silence, Shaheen Asmaye managed to play a tough and breathtaking game against his powerful opponent and managed the victory in the final minutes of the game. Shaheen Asmaye was in charge of the ball in the first round, but despite several attacks, they were unable to kick a goal and they lost a good chance of scoring a goal in their name. as the outcome, the game went slowly and was followed by the interest of Shahin Asmaye until the first half ended.

With the start of the second half, it was also Shaheen Asmaye taking possession of the ball, and the game was again followed as a one-sided full-fledged game in favor of Shaheen Asmaye; finally, at the 85th minutes players of Shahin Asmaye made a memorable moment of the game and with the help of counter-attack and getting out from goal the goalkeeper helped their opponent to manage a goal, Shaheen Asmaye finally hit their first goal and marked their victory. After the first goal Maiwand Atalan had nothing to lose, they launched a massive attack on their opponent’s goal; but these attacks did not find the way to the goal of Shaheen Asmaye, and eventually this was the Shaheen Asmaye who marked as the first finalist of to fight with their opponent in final match of Afghanistan Football premier league. The second game of Semifinal is expected to be played on Tuesday night by Toofan Harirod and de Abassin Sapay teams, winning of one team in tomorrow night match will smudge the faith of the second finalist and it will clarify the destiny of the final game.

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