Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Qudratullah Lashkari

The British ambassador to Kabul visits a polling center in Kabul yesterday to discuss the work of the Independent Election Commission staff and a number of voters. When visiting the polling center, “Nicholas Kay” praised the massive presence of the people in the election of House of Representatives. Mr. “Kay,” says: “the election took place in a difficult situation, and this is a great achievement for the people and the Afghan security forces.” He added: “I would like to congratulate the Afghan security forces for all the work that was done to ensure the security of the elections. This election, although worrying, but the presence of women is often a pleasure.”

With a high alert of security threat, Citizens in 32 provinces of the country went to polling centers and used their votes. Meanwhile, citizens of Ghazni and Kandahar provinces were unable to vote. The disagreements over the polls in Ghazni caused postponement of elections in the province until the unknown, but Kandahar’s election was delayed by one week due to an armed attack on the Kandahar governor’s office and the killing of General Raziq, the provincial police chief which occurred on Thursday.

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