Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

According to reports, the British government has denied the citizenship of the other two citizens who joined ISIS and their children in Syrian camps. The two ladies, called Rima and Zahra Iqbal, once lived in the city of London. The British government has recently abolished the citizenship of (Shamima Begum), another citizen of the country. The infant son of this ISIS died in a camp in Syria, causing British government officials to face criticism inside the country.

But the UK does not comment on these cases. The Sunday Times wrote: These sister is 30 and 28 years old and have eight children under the age of eight. The two sisters married two ISIS members in 2013, and have close ties with those who produced movies on the killing of ISIL hostage hostages. British Interior Minister Sajed Javid has been criticized for similar denials (Shamima Beygom). Shemima Begum’s son died just three weeks after childbirth.

This was due to the death of this infant with a series of critiques of a number of high-ranking officials in the Labor Party. They accused the government of not being able to protect the lives of this baby.

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