Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khorasani

A child kidnapped by kidnappers in Kabul two days ago was killed due to not receiving money from his family to pay 300,000 USD $. Mahsa, a six-year-old kid who was victimized by kidnappers and whose family is now preparing for his burial. The kidnappers were asking for a lot of money from her family, according to Mahsa family members: their child was abducted two days before from 315 area of Khairkhana PD 11 of Kabul city.

Now the Kabul police have arrested the perpetrators after hanging this child and killing her brutally. “The Kabul security forces arrested two kidnappers from the Khairkhana area of 11th district in Kabul after launching a 24-hours operation, police was able to seize weapons and amount of ammunition from the kidnappers and also 2 perpetrators are also arrested by police during this operation,” the Interior Ministry said.

A precise six-year-old Mahsa is being killed by kidnappers whose family was unable to pay the requested money to kidnappers. While this terrible event has increased the criticism of the Kabul police, but police officials said that in recent weeks their operators were able to arrest at least 24 people in connection with kidnappings in the capital.

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