Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahel

The deputy director of Women’s Affairs Ministry, in response to accusations of a former advisor to the presidential palace on moral and financial corruption in the Presidential palace has, stated that we are evident of different types of violence against women but for the first time we are witness of serious political violence along with other violence against women. “There is no doubt that women are subjected to sexual harassment at government and private offices,” Nabila Mosleh, deputy director of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, said. But the recent issue is in some way a political violence against women. ”

These statements are being made while the former advisor to president Ghani has said that a number of women referring to politics are those who have sex with people inside the presidential palace, which has now shocked the CEO palace and in recent case Abdullah Abdullah, the 50 percent partner of The Afghan government has also called for serious follow-up of these accusations.

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