Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Meherzad

While holding elections in 2018 is considered an unprecedented achievement in the last 2 decades, the uncertainties of this election are more than any other case. The Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced today that it has begun a re-examination process and counting of votes. A member of the Independent Election Commission’s media committee now says that new plans have been set up to separate the impure votes from the clean votes by a mechanism set by the election commissions. Abdul Aziz Ebrahimi the member of independent election commission media committee told in an interview Pasbanan Media Group: “The Independent Election Commission (IEC) has taken in hand a new and better mechanism to separate the clean votes unclean once. We expect that all decisions would be in hand after the final decision and the report of the Electoral Complaints Commission, which is followed by them and according to the law it is their duty.”

Although Mr. Ebrahimi does not provide details about this new mechanism, he emphasizes: “The separation of clear votes is one of the key responsibilities of the Electoral Complaints Commission, and the biometrics is part of this process. I must add that We will vote for our approval, which will be the guarantee and signature of the observers. In addition, after reviewing the Electoral Complaints Commission, all votes are gathered and then included in the IEC system. ”

According to Reports, the use of fingerprinting or “biometric” systems in some polling centers, the failure to provide the ballot papers for the voters, and the leverage of a number of hard-liners to miss led voters are the main challenges in this election that have raised the point of criticism on the 2018 parliamentary election process. Meanwhile, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) declared one of their key responsibility to protect clean votes of Afghan citizens in 32 provinces.

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