Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Hilaluddin Hilal deputy Defense minister of Afghanistan has raised his concerns at the eight summits of Beijing forum on defense. He has said that more than 50000 militants from 21 terrorist organization are currently stationed in Afghanistan which out of 70 percent are Pakistani citizens and they are active in front lines. Mr. Hilal has added: “currently, 21 terrorist organizations are operating in the country. The total number of militants stands at 50200.” The defense deputy minister has also added that “Afghanistan had become a central battlefield for members of various terrorist organizations that are fighting for influence in the region.”

Meanwhile, He has highlighted: “the number of militants who are active in Afghanistan includes 8021 international terrorists and Taliban has recruited the biggest part in their ranks that their exact numbers in the country are comprised of about 38000 people.” He also said: “IS terrorist group now has over 2000-members in Afghanistan including 70 percent of IS members are from Pakistan, 6 percent are Uzbeks, 4 percent are Chechens, 3 percent are Arabs, 1 percent are Chinese and 14 percent of these fighters are Afghan citizens.”

This afghan official from Ministry of Defense expressed his concern over the increase in the numbers of foreign terrorist groups in the country, which in the following months, terrorist groups in most provinces of the country have increased their activities and most of them are equipped with advanced equipment’s manufactured by the regional countries.


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