Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Seyyed Mujtaba Sadat

Reports from western Afghanistan states that Commander Fawad Andarabi, commander of the Salma Dam Protection Authority, died yesterday in a battle of the Dawlatyar district of Ghour Province, the commander of the army who lost his life one day before his death criticized the release of 800 Talib prisoners in Afghanistan. Commander Fawad Andarabi wrote on his Facebook page: “Two issues cause the morale of the country’s military to be severely damaged, the first release of 800 Taliban prisoners, which daily kill security forces and civilians and those who have been plagued by terrorists for the same reason.”

Quoting Commander Fawad Andarabi, Facebook message: “In the second point the increase of Afghan teachers and Civilian institutes salary ,that  the government announced the rebellion of civilian teachers and civil servants has increased, while the country’s military is receiving 15,000 Afghani is their salary and they are fighting in the most remote part of this land, instead of being among their families in these Eid days they are far from their families and defending their country, but the government gives at least 15 Afghans an Eid gift that is extremely shocking to each soldier.”

The government is planning to release 800 Taliban prisoners from the prisons while the Taliban claim that at least this group has managed to dominate over 70 percent of Afghanistan’s geography.

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