Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Qudratullah Lashkari

As a result of a clash between security forces and Taliban, Taliban was killed at 12:00 noon in Chamtal district of Balkh Province, a well-known Taliban militant named Saeed, the deputy governor of the Taliban district, was injured and two others were wounded. They came. The National Defense Ministry newsletter said that the operation of the Shahin Army Corps (200) in the village of Chaharbagh, Gulshan, Zargaran, Chahar Gunbad and Sarnihar Abdullah in the district of Balkh, has been purged of the Taliban terrorist.

The report also said that during the operation, Kalashnikov’s two weapons, a militant force and various ammunition were handed over to the Security Forces from a private home named Engineer Gul Ahmed. It should be noted that two of the Taliban militants attacked a motorcycle while fleeing a private flank driver in Timur County, Chaharboulak district of Balkh Province, which killed one terrorist Taliban and wounded one of them.

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