Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Report by: Shershah Nawabi

After end of the parliamentary elections, the chief executive of national unity government said at the Ministers Council meeting said Taliban wanted to increase blood on the day of elections so that citizens would never have a desire to peace, but the integrity of the citizens, say no to Taliban through The country was a response to the Taliban and their supporters. Mr. Abdullah added that “the Taliban have done everything they can, they targeted polling centers, but the citizens of the country went back to the voting centers after a while,” Abdullah said, rejecting the speculation that the Taliban were “fighting for more peaceful peace talks”. They came to the ballot boxes and held their responsibilities. Election commissions should now provide justice. ”

According to Mr. Abdullah, the elections to the citizens created epic crush and went through ballot boxes, but the weaknesses and strengths in the management and operations of the election commission should not marginalize this achievement. “The electoral process is continuing, and the electoral commissions should take the citizens expectations and get rid of their complaints fairly and compensate for their shortcomings,” he added. In addition, the split of the seats of the House of Representatives between the president and me is groundless and I stand firmly with the people with conscientious conscience and I support the right of votes. ”

Meanwhile, security officials say the terrorists planned 1813 terrorist attacks involving mine attacks, suicide attacks, and missile launches, which security forces have been able to defuse 1725 attacks. In addition, it has been said that at least 200 insurgents have been killed throughout the country over the past 48 hours due to the air and ground attacks of the security forces and their international counterparts.

According to reports, at least four million citizens of the country participated in the election, but citizens say the majority of them have not been able to vote in polling stations.

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