Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khorasani

The General Secretariat of Passport, in an interview with Pasbanan news agency, has announced that the online registration process for the passport will begin within two weeks. “The General Directorate of Passport will inaugurate this system for online registration process for citizens to get a passport in upcoming two weeks,” said Sayed Umar Sabor, general passport manager.  He also added: “We have taken all the preparations and it is expected that the process will begin in the next two weeks.”

Mr. Sabor also insists that the passport directorate is currently trying to improve the quality of Afghanistan passport adding: “Currently, Afghanistan’s passports are having good quality and also have better security measures into it. We are trying to make Afghanistan’s passports more standardized, so we are always trying bring changes to the distribution of the passport system. It is possible that the Afghanistan passport be electrified in upcoming two or three years and efforts are ongoing for achieving this purpose. ”

Mr. Sabor also added that the institution has been able to distribute 900,000 passports to citizens of the country in year 2018. According to him: “After spending 11 months from this year, the passport office has been able to distribute 900,000 passports to Afghan citizens in the center and provinces of the country. Currently, the General Directorate of Passport is trying to provide a good service and a standard passport to Afghan citizens. ”

According to reports, the entire system for distributing passports in the country is currently underway and the Ministry of Interior is trying to facilitate the process of distribution of the passport with the beginning of the registration process more.

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