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Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

Doctors at one of Taiwan’s hospitals have announced that they have been able to discover 4 sweaty bees in the eyes of a 29-year-old lady in the country. Health officials in Taiwan say that the woman had a health problem for at least a week in the area. According to the Taiwanese media, and on the basis of Pasbanan news report, the women, named “He”, had gone on to the grave of one of her elders a few days ago, but she felt she was surrounded by her eyes, she always had tears in one week, but then She has gone to the clinic since her condition got worsened.

The doctor says that in the eyes of this woman, at least 4 small bees had been placed in the eyes of this women and these bees are called sweaty bees that were not visible, and fed the tears of this lady. According to Taiwanese media, this is one of the rare health events that has been registered in the country.

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