Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

Pierre Maoidon, the ambassador and chairman of the European Union delegation to Afghanistan, who spoke at the National Conference on Mines, said that the union supports the mines sector in Afghanistan.

Mr. Maoidon stressed that Afghanistan’s illegal mining of mines damaged the country’s economy, and hundreds of Afghan citizens are still unemployed.

Maoidon said there is an opportunity for European investors to invest in this sector, and this is part of the EU’s plans.

He added: “We support the reform programs in the Afghan Mining and Petroleum Sector, and we also have major technical assistance.”

According to the head of the EU delegation, the illegal extraction of mines in Afghanistan has become a source of funding for illegal armed groups such as the Taliban and ISIS.

The National Mining Conference of the country was held Sunday (18th of a day) by the government in the Presidential Palace.

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