Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

EU member states gathered at the headquarters of the union in the city of Estrada ford of France, to review the situation in Afghanistan and the agreement on “European Development Cooperation with Afghanistan”. Liluma Sadid, a freelance journalist who has gone to France, insists that the European Union is due to announce their views on the continuation of the EU’s aid to Afghanistan tomorrow. “The leaders of the European countries are currently revising the agreement on development cooperation with Afghanistan, which has 17 articles, at the headquarters of the union,” says Ms. Sadid. “The agreement will include peace-building, sustainable development, regional and international cooperation, support for economic growth, administrative reform, fight against corruption, transparent elections, human rights, women, children and immigration issues would be discussed by EU State member Heads. ”

Ms. Sayed emphasizes that the agreement was signed by the European Union and the Government of Afghanistan early in 2017, but the most important issue of the EU summit is the concern that the role of women in process of peace talks is overlooked. According to Liluma Sadid: “Although the EU supports peace talks between the United States and the Taliban, these countries are worried about the role of women in the process of peace talks. Members of the union emphasize that women’s role should be highlighted in this process, and tomorrow, the EU members’ general view is expected to be announced on this occasion. ”

Meanwhile, the European Union hopes that the peace talks between the Taliban, the United States, and the Afghan government will lead to a final agreement, and it would cause to end of the war and crisis in Afghanistan. In addition, it is said that the European Union believes peace must be strengthened by the countries of the region in order to expand their cooperation in this field.

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