Reporter: Zahra Sahil

A key EU official says: We support the Afghan peace accord. “We know that sustained peace requires time,” said the European Union’s EU Development Assistance and Enlargement Commissioner at a European Parliamentary Meeting in Strasbourg, France. A quick deal is not necessarily a lasting agreement. That is why the European Union is committed to supporting Afghanistan before and after the peace deal, to ensure that peace is sustained. ”

Mr. Mimista, the situation in Afghanistan has become alarming and says that the Afghan people are tired of all these problems, and this must be solved.

He also said that innocent Afghan men, women and children continue to suffer from this conflict. However, we could hope that this year’s good news for the country.

Afghan and European Union officials met twice in 2018 and reached agreement on key issues such as human rights, gender issues, good governance, development cooperation, trade, regional cooperation, and immigration.

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