Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

The Qoush Taipa district of Jawzjan fell to the Taliban, and the security forces also suffered heavy casualties. From a few days ago, Taliban fighters began a series of assaults to seize the Qoush Taipa district. According to Reports, in the course of several days of fighting between security forces and the Taliban in the district, the Taliban insurgents were able to capture the district from Afghan security forces last night. It is said that during the past week, security forces were witnessing heavy casualties. It is said that in the Taliban’s attack, at least forty military troops have died.

Meanwhile, the Taliban claimed that more than 100 military personnel were killed or wounded during the capture of the Qoush Taipa district. The group’s newsletter states that during the conflict, the number of ammunition and weapons of the country security forces has also fallen into the hands of the Taliban militants. But the Ministry of National Defense said in a news report that the Taliban had suffered heavy casualties in the recent conflict, but its statistics are still unclear. Officials of the ministry said they have sent several new additional troops to the district to recapture Qoush Taipa district as soon as possible.

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